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Our Mission


Supporting Hope partners with Palestinian civil society organizations putting educational opportunity, communal wellness and hope within reach for vulnerable communities in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.


Our Vision


A Palestine where every resident thrives with dignity.


Our Values

We Work for Equity

We work to close education and social services gaps for Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. We take into account historical and current inequalities as we pursue the ideals of justice and fairness. 


We Promote Nonviolence

We nurture peacemakers steadfast in their commitment to use nonviolence as a tool to build healthier, stronger communities. Our partners are nonviolent to themselves and others in every circumstance, no matter what.


We Partner with Local Leaders

We partner with Palestinian-led civil society organizations working on the ground in vulnerable communities. We listen carefully and provide strategic support where it’s needed most.


Our Board Statement on Nonviolence

We, the Supporting Hope Board of Directors, know that enduring peace and lasting solutions of conflicts between and within nations can be best achieved through nonviolent means. Therefore we actively promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, races, and religious groups. 


We seek to engage with diverse communities of faith with comfort, graciously honoring each other’s faith or secular traditions and uniting in our shared humanity.


We support Palestinians working on the ground to increase their capacity for trauma resilience and economic sustainability in East Jerusalem and West Bank crisis zones. We believe that violence and hate speech are antithetical to this goal and therefore harmful to Palestinians, neighboring Israelis, and the global movement striving for a prosperous and free Palestine.

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